Friday, September 25, 2015

Working out tHAT Soul

I read @kevinostaj 's post today on instagram. He said, "If you have a heart beat, that means you have a purpose. You may not know what that purpose is yet, but eventually you will. You just have to keep going, no matter how tough your life gets."

He goes on to talk about improving yourself, eating right, and things will fall into place.

So true. As Christians, we will only know our purpose in life when we come before the Lord. He's always talking to us, and all we have to do is just sit in the silence, allow ourselves to be aware of the reality that he is there constantly loving us. Be receptive and listen to the silence. There, in that peace, we begin to understand who we are. It will be there, in the dark quiet of the soul that we will be given the ability to keep going, no matter how tough life gets.

Improve yourself through discipline. Prioritize and create habits. Be deliberate with one act, one decision. Then, repeat. Allow that repeated act to turn into a habit. It happens over time. Be patient with yourself. With grace and a faith-filled heart, that habit is transformed into virtue.

Feed your soul. We can workout so much, but unless you change your eating habits, it won't do you good. You can do all the right things in life, but unless you are feeding your soul with God's presence, the sacraments, prayer, will mean nothing.

Keep at it! 
Mediocrity is NOT an option!

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