Tuesday, September 23, 2014

GoOD daY

Today is going to be a good day! 

I remember saying that to myself today as I took this shot. There had been several things on my mind, and after breakfast and a good little talk with my best friend, I was reminded that it was all about an attitude approach. 

I looked down at my feet and remembered the Chucks I had on and the fun socks I decided to wear regardless of my collar. Just for fun. I took the IG shot, "Yeah, today is going to be a good day!"

I decided to just make the best of the day and move forward. I had mentioned to my friend, "You know, as priests we just need a tap on the back every now and then..someone to tell us we are doing good. Not to pity us, but to affirm and encourage" and in retrospect it was like the Lord said, "Alright. No prob. I can take care of that right quick."

He freed up my schedule unexpectedly which allowed me to get some work done. All the while I got a fun conversation in with a parishioner. Heard that Ben Affleck appears in the area every now and then. Then, I found out that Jim Jinkins, the creator of my favorite childhood show Doug, works just a couple buildings away. This last little tidbit just floored me and got me soaring through the rest of my day! 

Again it was like the Lord thought to himself, "I bet he'll enjoy this next fun fact."

I got some admin work done. I had the opportunity to pray and have a fruitful time in Adoration. This was followed by the awesome celebration of Mass. Afterward a random man approached me. He was at Mass. Turns out he is ridding his bike down from Pennsylvania to Florida. He spoke to me and shared his prayer experiences--friends, holiness can very often be overlooked...wow...what a brief and incredible encounter. 

He had asked for a blessing upon him and his bike as he continued his pilgrimage of sorts. He smiled as he pedaled away and referred to me as "Monsignor." I laughed. He stopped and looked back at me. He smiled again a smile that seemed to beam with a joy that wasn't really of this world...a bit mischievous like a innocent child who knows something that you don't and it brings him joy...with that smile, he turned away, pedaled and shouted "Goodbye Monsignor!" 

I'm not in it for the glory...puh-lease! I have other things to worry about...but the situation made me smile. You know that smile that comes about from just being amused by the little things? It was like that...here was another little thing along with a chain of things today.  This whole day had just been...surreally-fun! 

One of my last conversations of the day was unique. I had not really shared too much when out of nowhere the voice on the phone said, "It's like every now and then, the Lord will shine his rays of goodness on you to simply affirm you and love you up." 

My jaw dropped. I was smiling like a fool. That basically summarized my day. The Lord was just giving me a good day.

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  1. YES! The Lord was giving you a good day! And how much more blessed you are to actually recognize it! I think The Lord gives many of us these good days but unfortunately not enough of us recognize them and instead we focus only on the bad stuff. I am so happy that your prayers were answered and you felt His affirmation! :-)


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