Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ninja and Son of God

Discovering our uniqueness can be a great adventure. For the most part, we will be discovering who we are until the day we die. Some of us will never really understand who we are while others may have a deep, grace-filled, insight and be fully aware of their uniqueness. And what makes us, us? What defines us?

Our existence, our identity comes down to one simple reality: being a child of God. Everything we do in life flows in and out of that reality. What we do, how we interact with people, what dictates what will make us happy or sad, what will build us up or take us all comes back to the fact that we are children of God. Sons and Daughters of the Most High. When we realize that, everything else will have it's place.

Take my pastor for example. I am convinced that he is part of some secret ninja organization--I mean even ninjas need chaplains too you know? Part of his ninja training has equipped him to enter a room without so much as a sound. This has allowed him to come into any room in the rectory without my notice until it's too late. I'm sure on many occasions he could have dealt a fatal blow and ended me. All that said, I must always recall that at the deepest core of who he is, he's a son of God. God loved him into existence and holds him in existence in love. All that he does in life flows in and out of that reality. God has called him to live out that reality, his identity as son of God, as a priest. Of course, this has upped my personal strength training and made me work on my cat-like reflexes so that I can eventually have the upper hand.

Even though my pastor has these secret ninja skills and freaks me out every time I turn around to find him in the room doing something without me noticing, the dynamic reality of his identity as son-of God will always be firm and will never fade away. His uniqueness primarily comes from this first reality. It doesn't make him any duller. It doesn't make him a one product within a multitude stemming from the same is still unique. Loved into existence to be son-of-God in the only way he could manifest his unique identity -- with ninja skills and all. Loved into existence to be son-of-God, called to the priesthood to mediate God's love and grace to the world so that those he comes in contact with may discover their unique identity as son or daughter of God. 
In the midst of life's crazy chaos, in the midst of our uncertainty and anxiousness, even if we think we ain't nothing much, know now oh man, know now oh woman, that you are more than what you know yourself to be. 
And discovering that reality can be the greatest adventure we will ever have.

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  1. 1. this is hilarious.
    2. The photographic proof of your "cat like reflexes" made me actually LOL.
    3. Just yesterday I changed all of my usernames from StephieDanger to StephieNeedsAdventure (except this one, apparently haha)and now the last line of this blog blows my mind. :-)


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