Monday, May 5, 2014

Priorities?...AIn'T NObOdy Got TimE foR DAT!

You know, I've been following a blog/website that has been helping me have the right perspective with trying to stay healthy. Yeah, we priests have to take care of our bodies too. Within the midst of doing ministry, trying to meet the needs of people, making hospital visits, having meetings, celebrating the sacraments, remaining healthy seems to be last thing worth considering. Sometimes we just believe that being healthy can't become a priority. I mean, ain't nobody got time for dat! lol But I've had to make it a priority so as to be balanced both in body and soul. I mean, I want to create a healthy lifestyle grounded on good habits and discipline that will be with me in the long run; I've come to find out that exercising gives me the focus and discipline that I need.

Really, I stumbled upon the most helpful advice that I have applied not only to my life in general, but also to my spiritual life: "I don't have time" is a Big Fat Lie. Notice, we have time to spend on random things: watching TV, Facebook, apps/games on our phone that take care of singing monsters, etc. (Not that I know anything about singing monsters on my phone or anything *nervous laugh*) but we never seem to have time or energy to spend on things that matter the most (e.g., taking care of our health or our spiritual lives). I mean we do things because on some level we have told ourselves that it is important enough or that it has some kind of priority but sometimes it's not on what matters most.

So on some level, we need a shift in our way of thinking. We need something that convicts our thought process and our hearts. Something that can attack the lie that "we don't have time." And really, in the combat of the spiritual life, the devil loves convincing us that we never have time to draw closer to God...

Alright, so how do we apply this? Well, Steve Kamb wrote a great article and it's the same one I linked to above. Yes it's a fitness site :p It's a forum on learning how to have a healthy lifestyle and perspective. He uses great practical principles that can be applied to different parts of our lives and I would argue that some of them can be used in our spiritual lives. In a way, he helps people Level Up their lives! *Shout out to Steve Kamb*

Okay, so basically, Kamb says that we have to replace some of our vocabulary: "I don't have time for X-thing" should really be "X-thing is not a priority." By changing up the approach of how we describe our situation, we can shift our way of thinking. "I don't have time to workout" turns into "Working out/my health is not a priority." "I don't have time to pray" turns into "Drawing closer to God is not a priority." Kamb is right on when he says that we begin to feel a sting when we are faced with the reality of our actions. It puts things into perspective. To say that a bag of chips or that our complacency with our relationship with God is more of a priority begins to sound like a life we don't want to live. Who wants a hopeless-driven life of lethargy and complacency? NO ONE! Simply changing our verbiage can help draw out the proper perspective and motivation.  It's a great practical tool to have for our lives in general.

It's also a great, practical, and crucial tool for our spiritual lives with the Lord. It's easy for us to say I don't have time to pray, or that the church is too far to go spend time with the Lord in Adoration, that the Rosary is too heck-ah long to pray, that there is not enough time to read the Bible...but what we are really saying is that those things are not a priority. Spending time with God is not a priority. Praying the Rosary and Scripture are not a priority. His desire to draw us closer to heaven, transform our lives, and provide us with meaning and hope isn't our priority...

Scary, right? Let that be some food for thought. Priorities, we do have time for dat! It's time to recognize it and Level UP :p