Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Why Did I start?

Alright, so it has been a while since I've blogged. I...wait...I was about to start giving all these reasons why I haven't blogged...was about to start talking about the crazy, awesome, business of it all...but....I'm just gonna take this image here to the left as my focus. Why did I start this blog? Well, I just wanted to show that we priests are just as random and just as normal as your average person! LOL Let me tell you what, it is so true. If you follow the tweets, Instagrams, or Facebook's of any priest, you'll see that in the midst of their desire to talk about God and bring others into a deeper knowledge of Him...that they are all NORMAL!! LOL...or just plain funny or weird or whatevs...

I think THAT's been eye opening for me. What's that? That we priests are all normal. Dude, I've met so many guys that love baseball or sports...and here in the south, hunting is a big deal...guys that (by guys I mean priests) that have dogs, do sports training, are gigantic nerds, rugby fans, gamers, app and podcast creators, wilderness's been a real far out experience in getting to know brotherhood I am a part of...the priesthood.

You know what's funny? It's this whole on-the-job-training that is part of the priesthood. They really do their best to form you in the seminary, but they can't give you the answers to the numerous situations that come up. They give you principles, the intellectual know-how, their experience, and then it's GO TIME! And you figure it out as best you can...LOL I tried these bacon-egg cups a while back...i think the picture pretty much explains what happened....One thing they didn't show me what to do is cook bacon-egg cups. There should have been a class dedicated to that in the midst of prayer, medical ethics, and Scripture class.... :/

Nonetheless, Jesus has been my light, my source of comfort. I find that I have to continuously give things over to him. If I don't...well...I'll just turn into a bad and overly dried up bacon-egg cup! hahaha I got this little Jesus night-light when I married my friend and his fiancee. I had known him for 11 years. It was so cool and I was deeply honored to be asked to marry them. Where did I go? Minnesota! Oh Yeah Sure You-Betcha! Had some awesome adventures there. Man, nothing like the midwest. Got to visit with other friends from NET. That was cool, to be able to touch base with those that contributed to my formation. Oh yeah, NET Ministries formed me for sure...if it wasn't for them, I'm not sure where I would be now...I'm not sure how different my life would be without the people that are currently part of it.

I will always be a kid inside. I will always look at life in a fun way. Be it in the spiritual realm or in ordinary life, I'll always see things in light of comics, cartoons, superpowers. I will always imagine of the impossible because it will be in a world where my imagination roams free that I can make sense of things. You see, the world and the spiritual life isn't as mundane as we may think. It's actually all pretty fascinating and cool. We just have to open our eyes, believe in something greater than us (*clears throat* like God) and allow ourselves to be inspired and be in awe of the incredulously impossible. 

Perhaps that's why I started this...not just to show that priests are normal, not just to share random thoughts, but to also encourage those reading that life is far more interesting than what we may initially think...

that's just my thought