Saturday, February 23, 2013

I am a Mess

So just because we are priests, it doesn't mean we don't mess up. I just used a double negative in that last sentence. See!! We are all part of different backgrounds. We all have our own quirks. We all have different buttons that are pushed that drive us crazy or over the edge...Yes, we are human. And the more I live my life as a priest, the more I continue to be reminded of that fact. LOL

I told everyone at Mass last week there were three solemnities coming up in which one's lenten fast is suspended so that one can celebrate those solemnities. FAIL!! LOL. A priest friend corrected me after I had celebrated a couple masses for the weekend. I just gawked at him with my mouth open...then I began to laugh. "Oh no!!!" Terrific. Jesus at the end of time is going to say, "Fr Chris, during Lent of 2013 there were about 800+ people who didn't fast because you told them to feast." LOL...I can see it now! I'm reminded regularly about this epic priestly fail when people approach me asking me which days I was referring to. (I told the people it was their homework to figure out which days) Now it will have to be my penance to let people know of my error.

Then today, I dropped coffee grounds all over the kitchen floor at the residence of one of our religious sisters! LOL

I guess that's part of the human experience, right? We mess up, we try to learn from it, and move forward. Sometimes the "learning and moving forward" part takes a little longer. But hey, so long as we are moving and not stagnant, the Lord can work with us. 

So I'm gonna try to keep up with this blog again. And I'm going to ask for y'all's patience with me. The world wide web is an interesting place. A lot of opinions out there. I'm just sharing my story as a priest. My thoughts as a priest.