Sunday, October 14, 2012

Life Teen Training Conference

So I'm at the Life Teen Training Conference in Boston, MA. Yes, I am here now! So Mark and I got in around 11:00am or so...and boy, were we tired. We almost missed our connection out in Philadelphia. We had 20 minutes to get there and we booked it across one terminal to make our flight with 10 minutes before take off....Holy Buckets!

Anyways, it has been great so far. I should have known that this would have tones of a retreat to it. Which is great, because Lord knows I always need to get my own renewal with Jesus! Ever since I was a teen, he's been important to me. We had Life Teen at my parish and now, I'm learning things to make sure we have a good program at my new parish!

The Catholic world is so small. Believe It because it is true. There are people here who went to college with me. There are people here who know my brother from this past summer. There are people here who are friends of friends. I mean, talk about crazy! Who would have thought we would all randomly meet each other! Really, I think God made it all happen. No coincidences here. Nope. They are all God-incidences. Oh, and even other people from our Diocese are here too. Shout out to St Anne's in Richmond Hill! Yup, Fr Joseph Smith is here too. Say what?! It was weird to turn around and see him! I totally yelled out loud in surprise.

Lots of great people. Young and...not so young! :D Hey, all to bring Teens Closer To Christ!! A lot of great points were brought up. Man, I cannot wait to see what these next few days will bring. Keep an eye out on IG, Twitter, and FB! 
The adults were invited to praying with the teens for their
Life Night

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  1. Oh dear....

    I apologize for responding the way I did....sigh....I guess I do have a lot of learning to do when it comes to blogging etiquette. In truth, I just wanted to have this as a medium to express what this specific priest is going through. I didn't realize how in-depth someone would be able to weigh in on my decisions and thoughts the way they were in this post.

    For those who are wondering, a reader weighed in his thoughts on Life Teen....and I, really out of my own personal and positive experiences with it, wanted to "defend" the movement from what I perceived as an "attack"...when really it wasn't.

    So I apologize to the original commentator and to any who have read my comment/reply and thought it was "out of character" and were even scandalized by it. I have a lot of growing up to do...I acknowledge that...and I am in much needed grace to heal me. Being called out to holiness applies even to my online interactions...

    So I have deleted the previous comments in a way to reconcile with others (hoping they will accept my apology) and in hopes to start afresh in this blogging venture...


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