Monday, September 10, 2012

My Kind of Life

I know it's been a while since I have written. So a lot has happened since last I wrote. I was able to visit my priest friends that I graduated with a year ago. That was A LOT of fun! We celebrated mass together in the cabin we were in. Afterwards we went out on the lake on a tiny boat and swam, hung out, water skied.... it was a good time. Yes, as priests we can do these kinds of things!! LOL we aren't forbidden to hang out with other priest friends, ya know :D

And this is my friend in the back...
Hilarious expression:
There was a priest conference where 20 other priests from my diocese showed up. The bishop was there too so we had a great time joking and talking, but also listening to Fr Robert Barron. Man, what you hear on his website Word on Fire is what you get. He's great at engaging everyday life and cultural media to deliver the Traditions of the Church. 

And really, ever since I have been back, from the retreat of priests last week, I have just been enjoying my time being a priest. It's been hard though...especially when we are trying to find new accommodations for our mission church...gosh, my heart breaks to see the state of the pews and the classrooms...ugh...
Walls are damaged and pews are broken or have no padding on the kneelers
BUT, what is exciting is that we are starting to get some leads on where we can get a bigger and better trailer for the classrooms. It's like a scavenger hunt...except the reward is far more awesome. 

Meeting with couples, hearing Confessions, talking to the young people about the saints and the Eucharist...talking to the youth group, trying help my pastor meet the needs of the people....Man!! Can life get any better than this?! I SUBMIT THAT IT CANNOT! No one told me the priesthood would be so much fun...I mean, I would never have thought that ME, a kid from L.A. would be working the way I have been... I guess it really does make a difference when you are following the Lord's will. He'll take you where you need to be, where He wants you to be...and life will never be the same! 

The most difficult days will become the most rewarding....

One of the office ladies gave Danbo
some priest clothes!! LOL

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