Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mystical Body of Christ

The Mystical Body of Christ. What the heck is that?! Well, ya know it’s also known as the “Body of Christ”. It’s fascinating that the word “mystical” plays with our child-like mind, doesn’t it? And yet it sheds light on this reality. Something that is mystical makes us think of something fantastical and mysterious; something to be feared and yet revered with awe and wonder. So what makes the Body of Christ a mystical reality? In an all-true real way, when we are brought into the Body of Christ, when we are baptized, we all become connected to each other.  No, not connected in the sense of texting or skyping or any technological medium. From the very depths of our beings, as humans, we have the ability to relate, sympathize and empathize with, experience, and have an effect on others…and yet, as members in the Mystical Body of Christ, all Christians (e.g., that doctor you know, that nun in Asia, the widower-dad who has to raise his children, the migrant worker, the cafeteria lady, the homeless man, etc) are all united in such a way to actually have an effect on each other in a very real way. 

The very God-man, Jesus, unites us all into his Body into one living organism. And because of this, our prayers actually affect the lives of those who are within (and those outside) the Mystical Body of Christ. We are transformed by our incorporation into the Body of Christ by being given the ability to ask for graces and blessings to come into someone else’s life. Sound lame? Well what about these tv shows with witches who have the ability to change things according to their own decisions. Or fairies that have the power to change reality…we can stop and think”…wow…if only I can do that”. Uh, but I’m saying that in a sense, we CAN do that. It’s not fake like these shows. Now I doubt this means we can orb balls of fire or what not, but really, our prayer has the ability to reach into the depths of the very being of God and, if we are aligned with His will, cooperate in bringing about his very grace and spiritual helps into someone’s life so as to heal, strengthen, and give them hope when nothing else was able to do the trick.

Jesus Christ unites us into a living organism: his Mystical Body. We, mere humans, are united within and make up the body that the Son of God (who is still God, btw) took on. And we can be so united to God’s will and his very being that when we pray on behalf of others, we can actually have a real effect in their lives. We can help in directing the graces of God into somebody else’s very being. How more mystical can that sound? Sure we talk about Peter Pan and fairies and magic; all that sounds mystical…but a true mystical reality is the Body of Christ. United within HIS body, we follow his one will and receive his pulsating life. And united in a mystical way, we can actually have an effect on someone with our prayers…prayer is not so mundane now is it? Nor is our incorporation into the Mystical Body of Christ :p

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  1. Father, you bring up a point that often baffles me. So many people, especially the younger crowd, are fascinated with eclectic spiritualities like the New Age movement, horoscopes and, more recently, witchcraft and the like. Why is it that when people want to progress in the spiritual realm, they choose anything but the true source of spiritual power--God Himself? Could it be because following God actually means renunciation of self? Could it be because there is no glamor in following Jesus Christ, but instead a call to continual humility and repentance?

    I would challenge anyone who has a serious problem in his/her life to go to the parish office and make arrangements to have Masses said for your intention. You don't even have to tell anyone what your intention is, simply tell them it is for a "private intention". It doesn't matter because God already knows. When the power of the Mass is unleashed in your life, you will see a transformation of your troubles like you could never have imagined. It probably won't be the exact answer you had wanted, but God doesn't answer us according to our limited understanding. He answers us by blessing us in ways that we may not have asked for, but in ways we could never imagine on our own.


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