Sunday, July 8, 2012


So I decided to visit the Carmelite Sisters before I had to leave. Fortunately for me, I was able to celebrate mass for them for about 3 days.  

Correct me if I am wrong, but a Carmelite monastery is affectionately known as, not as caramel candy! :p And, yes, they live in Savannah!

So, in my visit, I asked if I could take some pictures, and they were totally cool about it...and...I also to Danbo with me! Bahahaha...the sisters actually had a great time with Danbo Dashboard!

Danbo: Run, priest! These robed women are after us!
Me: Relax. These women won't harm you.
Ya know, these sisters have their meals just like everyone else!!! Oh, and they are also habited! They wear their religious clothes all the time...

Carmelite sisters have a different kind of spirituality. I'm not an uber expert on their spirituality but I do know that they are more contemplative. So they are all about silence and quiet time and Adoration...I found out that they actually have different associations which means various Carmelite houses may have a different emphasis and practice in their lifestyle than other Carmelite houses...

So if there are any Georgians who want to see some legit Carmelite nuns, you should visit these wonderful women. Though they are very reflective, they are full of love and joy. They are always willing to talk to young women who may be interested in living their lives as brides of Christ. And in case some of my pictures didn't convey this, they are also women who have fun. They are always laughing and giggling whenever we sit down to talk.

Oh...and if you google them for a website, you may not be able to open up their actual link. For whatever reason their website is no longer considered "theirs" so we can't access it. Hopefully they will get some tech savvy person to help them either "reclaim" it or create a new one.


  1. I've tried reading "The Interior Castle" a couple of times. I couldn't finish. I thick I only have an "interior mobile home."

  2. Carmelites are so AWESOME!!!

  3. Carmelite monasteries are called "Carmel" because every Carmelite monastery is a little Mount Carmel (one of the famous mountains surrounding Jerusalem which was well-known for its abundant fruits and flowers) Therefore, every monastery is Carmel.

    The prime directive of Carmelite nuns is to pray for priests and theologians and all who build up the Catholic faith. Their master plan is to conquer the world by conquering themselves for Christ, allowing Him to use their austerities and sacrifices as a means of renewing and healing the Church.

    I was at the Carmelite Monastery of St Therese in Loretto, PA this past Sunday morning and I agree with Anonymous, above: Carmelites are AWESOME! :)

  4. There is a Discalced Carmelite monastery in San Diego where a cousin of mine was the chaplain for the nuns in the 1960's. It's a beautiful place to attend Mass. The Discalced ("unshod" or "shoeless") Carmelites follow the reforms of St. Teresa of Avila. One nun in particular was a good friend (you are allowed occasional visits) but all of them were the sweetest bunch of ladies you would ever want to meet. Since it was a cloistered monastery, they stayed behind an iron screen at all times, but I had the privilege of getting a glimpse inside one time when I made a furniture delivery. It is liking stepping back into the 16th century!

    They spend most of their time in silence and praying, especially for priests. They have a unique charism and I suspect they give the rest of us more support than we can begin to imagine.

  5. Fr. Chris -- I talk to these ladies we order from them...very wonderful sisters...


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