Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Morning Breakfast with Danbo

Okay, so I'm back in my favorite coffee shop, Gallery Espresso. Just trying to do a little bit of work here.

Danbo: Work? Really? You took a picture of me, you were on Facebook, and you are eating a muffin and drinking coffee. Priest, you have a funny view of work.

Say "cheese"!
Danbo: I hate pictures, priest.
Woa, woa, woa! Danbo, do NOT diss my work space or work ethic! No seriously, I was doing work.

Danbo: How?

Well, if you were paying attention, you would have noticed that I had been seriously doing some article research/reading in preparation for a meeting tomorrow with someone who will be Confirmed. I just needed to get away and still be productive. Besides, I have been looking at my schedule and making some plans for some other things when I get back to my ACTUAL office. AND...people do contact me via Facebook rather than email. It's another forum for easy communication...

Danbo: Priest, your ways are not normal.

Ah Danbo, that is something many a friend has said to me :p Still, I need to plan my move and plan my packing-of-stuff.

Danbo: Priest, will you take me with you?

Why yes, Danbo. I will.

Danbo: I was afraid of that.

Danbo!! Sigh....Well, you know, hopefully you can help me recruit some missionaries into our diocese.

Danbo: Missionaries?

Yeah, we need men who are willing to step up in the priesthood and minister out here (and all over the South and US for that) where there is a great need to minister to the people in these rural areas. You'll see. I'll show you these next few years what life is like out there...in Southern Georgia...in the Diocese of Savannah. But for now, I need to go and get packing and what not. Ready?

Danbo: Very well.

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