Monday, June 25, 2012


I am missionary. No really, I am. Yes I am a priest, but I am very much a missionary priest. No, I'm not in Africa nor will I be going to a far off country...being a missionary doesn't mean you go to other lands to spread the Gospel. Being a missionary can be something we do here in the States or at home...

I mean, after high school out in L.A. (yes, I'm a West Coast Kid), I was part of a traveling youth ministry called NET Ministries. I loved it. I was a missionary. I went around the US putting on retreats six out of seven days of the week for 6th through 12th graders. I was living off of the goodness of families and traveling around with 9-10 other teammates. We were preaching the Gospel and trying to live out holiness all day every was hard, but very rewarding...

I have heard and met missionaries who remain on a college campus and spread the Gospel by providing Bible studies and opportunities to grow in one's faith through fellowship: FOCUS.

How are you spreading the Gospel? Is it difficult to be a witness of the Catholic faith at home? with friends? at work? Well...welcome to the missionary's life. To go where no one would dare go and proclaim Christ through your life (and if necessary, using words) in all places even the most common places...THAT is what a missionary does. The light of Christ and his teachings are meant to inform every part of life.

When people find out that I'm from L.A. and they realize I'm living as a priest in Georgia, they seem to always say in one way or another, "Oh...I am so sorry that you have to be here. Wait a minute, why did you decide to come here?" Because it is about going where God wants you! Sometimes as a missionary we have to be ready to move at a moment's notice. We have to follow the will of God and remain in the PEACE he grants us.

So now I get ready for the missionary aspect of things in my life. I get ready to go where the Lord wants me; I continue packing my things so I can and head off...Just another week and a half or so left and then I'm off...
First I need to pack some supplies some friends
gave me for the trip! LOL

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