Friday, May 25, 2012

Pink Nuns!!

They are rose colored,
not pink :)
Yes this is a nun...and yes, she is wearing a pink habit. No this is not a religious order gone crazy. This is actually a legit religious order that started off in Holland in 1896. Where are these sisters? Lincoln, Nebraska. Why am I here? Oh, I came for a friend's priestly ordination. I am really excited for him and I am super excited to be in the MidWest once again...I miss it, here. The families and the local church is just incredible. Hardworking people, hardworking priests...a different kind of life is lived here...
           I snagged a picture while no one was looking

Ever since I can remember, the guys at the seminary from the Diocese of Lincoln would always bring up the "Pink Sisters". I was like, "Say what?!" I wasn't sure what to think of nuns in pink...I mean, it sounds kinda odd, doesn't it? So today I decided to pay them a little visit after hearing so many good things about them. After lunch with one of my classmates from the seminary, I went over to see them. These nuns are known as the Servant-Sisters of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration.

There's Jesus! What a stud!
8 sisters

I found my way into their chapel of perpetual Adoration. These sisters devote their whole lives to perpetual adoration of Our Divine Lord, Jesus. Each sister "begs forgiveness for the world's coldness and indifference to this great Sacrament of love; she offers prayers of thanksgiving in behalf of all; she implores divine blessings and merciful forgiveness for all mankind. Every intention and need, every distress and hardship in the world find a place in her intercessory prayer. Payer and sacrifice for priests and the sanctification of the priesthood is a cherished duty."

Okay, so I had to nonchalantly get close to
snag a picture! hahaha...
"Don't mind the conspicuous-looking priest
 with his camera phone!"
Intense...I, from what their pamphlet says, there are 4 cities here in the US that these sisters are located: Philadelphia, St. Louis, Corpus Christi, and Lincoln. They are also in Germany, Poland, Slovakia, the Philippines, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, India, Indonesia, and Africa. Dang, these sisters are all over the place!

Ladies, if you ever thought about being a nun, but were convinced that your love for the color pink could never allow you to become a nun, well think again! The Lord may be calling you to be one of his "Brides" in this religious order!
I had turned around to look at something and when I turned back I saw TWO sisters!!!
So I took a shot before she left.
It was kinda like the "changing of the guards"


  1. LOL i love the pink sisters! that's so awesome you got to visit them/stalk them with your camera phone haha. :)

  2. Thank you for sharing. Never heard of them before. Now I want to know more!


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