Friday, April 6, 2012

a Weird Good Friday

Okay, so I know it's Good Friday...and this morning has been totally weird...

I mean, it's cloudy and gloomy and wet outside....Just yesterday it was warm, sunny, and even a little cool in the evening. It was just beautiful....And now, everything seems to have a downcast kind of a feel...I mean, I know there are weather fronts that come in and out of our area because we are right here by the ocean...still....

It just seems like nature, for us here in Savannah, has decided to really enter into a day of fasting and mourning for the death of her Creator and God...

interesting, huh?

Just kinda makes you think how sometimes God may be using nature to get our attention to help us dive deeper into the mysteries he has given us

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  1. My birthday was on Good Friday and I felt that God was forcing me to appreciate it and be joyful about it, regardless of the weather.

    I attended the reading of the Passion at my local parish and felt heavy with sorrow of our savior's death on the cross.

    Shortly before communion, I could see rays shining through the stained glass windows. Part of me feels the sunshine that greeted us after the service was a reward from God for our fasting and sorrow that day...or even a kind reminder that "Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again."


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