Friday, April 6, 2012

Holy Thursday Homily 2012

Written on Holy Thursday. Wracking my brains to figure out what to say. Wanting to touch on the themes of Priesthood, Eucharist, and fraternal charity. Praying to the Holy Spirit to guide me. And this is what he gave me:

Before Jesus Christ, we did not have the promise of heaven...the promise of the Resurrection. It was his love for humanity drove him to the painful out pouring of himself. His love for humanity drove him to consumate his love for us on the instrument of death.

But before that, he loved us so much that he desired to remain with us forever...And so he instituted the priesthood and the Eucharist

It was years ago that a young man began to have personal experiences with the Blessed Sacrament/the Eucharist. It was the true Presence of Christ that spoke to him. It was the true Presence of Christ that called that man to a deeper relationship of love. It was the fruit from that relationship with God that the young man heard the call to priesthood.

Scripture tonight speaks of Christ washing the feet of his Apostles/Disciples. Moses washed Aaron and his sons so they can be consecrated to the priesthood. Jesus likewise washed the feet of these men because he was preparing these men for the priesthood. Whereas Aaron and his sons received a portion of the Lord AND were MEDIATORS between God and Mankind, the Disciples received a part of Christ; they were not just mediators between God and man but they actually WERE IN  the Person of Christ, THE that one truly encountered Christ when one met one of these men.

And the young man desiring nothing but true intimacy with God learned later that his call to priesthood was the fulfillment of that intimate desire

And Jesus Christ, desiring nothing more than to stay with us forever left us himself within the priesthood, AND... he also left us himself within the Eucharist. His True BODY, BLOOD, SOUL, & DIVINITY .... under the veil of what looks like Bread...
      The humility of God. To entrust himself to man under this form in great vulnerability
      The humility of God. To entrust his very person, Jesus Christ, to weak & God-desiring men
AND yet, the Eucharist could not exists without the Priesthood...Nor would the priesthood exist without the Eucharist
You cannot have one without the other
And the desire of Christ was to draw people to himself out of love for them. And so...Jesus Christ uses the priest to draw men and women to himself, for in the sacraments we encounter Christ. And...Jesus Christ moves the hearts of those who are willing to listen when they come before the Eucharist...when they consume the Eucharist.

And through those two institutions we are filled up to proclaim the love of show it at all serve each other in serve our brothers and be charged by the love that is granted to us by God

And that young man could not have imagined any...better...way to live his life than as a Priest of Jesus Christ; a priest bringing Christ wherever he goes by his presence, bringing Christ in the Eucharist to those in need, bringing Christ in the Sacraments to those in need, and serving his brothers and sisters in the love of Christ

Pray for your priests... Love the Eucharist...for without one we could not have the other...
And without them it would be difficult to encounter the REAL Presence of Christ
it would be difficult to be transformed by the love of Jesus
And we would have a greater difficulty in revealing the love of Jesus to our brothers and sisters in our every day lives

Pray for your priests. Love the Eucharist. And live out the love granted to you by Jesus Christ.

I tried to convey my delivery via font styles. I may do a recording of it later... maybe :p


  1. Great homily Father Chris! I could feel the love and effort you put into writing this. A recording would be great.All the Angels and Saints pray for Fr. Chris an all priest!


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