Saturday, April 7, 2012

Danbo Danboard questions us...

Danbo: Priest, explain to me why your race, the human race, hates the smallest of your kind.

Me: Danbo, it's a complicated issue. There are various reasons why there is an attack on the smallest of our kind. A majority of our kind do love these little ones, though.

Danbo: But Priest, your race does all it can to protect animals and natural things like goes as far as to protect the life of things in it's smallest forms; there are organizations that have a recognition that even unborn creatures have to be protected...and yet your kind refuses to accept these little ones. They refuse to acknowledge them as one of their own. That is not logical. Don't the "bearers" of these little ones desire to protect them?

Me: I know, Danbo, I know. But there is a contingent whom are "bearers" of these little ones that refuse to accept the responsibility of these little ones for various reasons. They range from very serious grave situations to simply not desiring the responsibility. They rather focus on their "individuality" in a way. It manifests itself differently.

Danbo: Priest, are these little ones not special until they are thought special?

Me: Danbo, you raise good questions...we can talk more later. Suffice it to say for the time being that every creature of our race is special at every stage in it's life and development, but there are some that don't agree with that.

Danbo: Priest, your race sounds confused. A race that protects, at every level and stage of life, that which is not of it's own kind, yet does little protect its own species .

Me: Yes, and it is part of my life to teach my kind about the truth of what it means to be human.

Danbo: Priest, you have an impossible task.

Me: Danbo, nothing is impossible. Difficult? Yes, but not impossible.


  1. You're Danbo raises some good points. Have you explained moral relativism to him yet?

  2. Ha! Yes, I do hope to be explaining and teaching him different subjects. Moral Relativism is one of many things we hope to talk about...


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