Thursday, March 1, 2012

Phone problems

So, sometimes I wonder why my phone thinks it can just turn off on its own. I have called my phone company, fortunately, they are doing what they can to help me out (they even sent me a replacement, but the second one still does the same thing! ha!)  These last several days, when my phone decides it wants to disobey me and do it's own thing, I stop and think, "Sigh...this is just ridiculous." So I wait until it powers back on. I lose the time that I could have used efficiently on something else...and really, I can't get upset anymore because I know it's going to do it. Is it frustrating? Yeah, but my anger isn't going to help me out. And if I throw the phone around, I'm going to be left with...a BROKEN phone, rather than a disobedient one... hahaha So I have to be patient and wait until it cooperates again...

This is just like God, though, right? I mean, we are meant to live our lives a certain way. We are meant to communicate his love to others. We are created for a special plan he has for every single one of us...and then....BAM! We disobey because we would rather do one thing rather than what He really needs us to do....and so what does he do? He waits...he waits until we finish doing our own thing. In the meantime, we cause who knows what other problems for ourselves!hahaha So he waits, lovingly... until we are back "on line". 

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  1. A similar thing happened to me once. I was babysitting a young girl once who was being disobedient. Her parents told me to wrap in a bear hug and not let her go if she was. I held onto her and she kept squirming and biting and scratching me. I kept telling her that if she did what I asked her too (wear a bike helmet while riding her bike) then I would let her go, but she kept fighting me. I started weeping because I knew how God felt at that exact moment.


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