Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Prison

Cardinal Francis Xavier 
Five Loaves and Two Fish is a really great book. I think about it every now and then whenever I find myself in my see, the book is written by the late Cardinal Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan who spent 13 years in prison, 9 of those years were in solitary

Yeah, my office can feel like a prison sometimes, and yet I think of this cardinal who spent his life in prison for 13 years! He slowly began to realize that his prison experience of suffering and hope could help others in their journey of faith...

Yeah, I know I have talked about how much I dislike office-type work either on my blog or Facebook, still, I write my experiences to express that as a priest, I do know that everyday life is hard or mundane! Still, I also write to say that there is still meaning that may be found in our everyday suffering.

How does office work fit into this? Well, we have to understand that we can do the average thing with great love. And so long as we foster the mindset that says, "Lord, though I am tired right now and I don't want to be here, let me continue on out of Love for you. I do this work for you.", we can make any action a holy action. 

And yes, you can even say or pray things like, "Lord, I look over these numbers to glorify you. I staple these papers out of love of you. I answer this phone and I love you through the other person I converse with." Anything can become a way of acting in love...

As a priest, though I'm not being called out on an emergency right now, I do the little things that need to be done for the glory of God. I offer up my sufferings in hopes that if there are any good merits and graces that come from them, that they may be given to those in need within the Mystical Body of Christ.

Cardinal Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan's tiny book is filled with prayers and meditations that were the fruit of his long suffering that started in 1975. Being trapped in a confined area, he found himself and the will of God. Sometimes, being trapped in my own little prison, I find myself before God. I find myself trying to grow and mature in seeing the will of God in my work. I can tell that I have a lot of maturing to do...still, it's worth it. Why? Cuz I do my work for HIM...and I do it for YOU.

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