Friday, March 9, 2012

Krispy Overload

Okay, so I do enjoy Krispy Kreme Doughnuts every now and then.
And the other day, I totally had like 3 of like...3 minutes....I felt soo sick. I do NOT recommend doing this, especially if you have been eating healthy for a while. 

Overloading on Krispy Kreme got me thinking of sin. Eating doughnuts is not a sin...unless you are being gluttonous. Sin can be soooooo tempting. Sin is bad from the get go (and doughnuts aren't the healthiest thing for you either), and when you overload on either of them, you find yourself sick to the core of your very being. Why? Because sin destroys your relationship with God in a very real way (and too much sugary goodness isn't good for your body's system). Sin severs the virtue and grace of God's supernatural charity that is poured out to you. 

As a result, we feel sad, empty, restless, annoyed, etc. We try to fill that void up, but we once again turn to sin (a very fleeting experience of happiness that really doesn't make us happy at all) and continue to widen the gap and find ourselves in a paralyzing coma where all that is good and holy doesn't seem good anymore. I may have one doughnut and think, "wow, that's good. One more isn't going to hurt..." And I guess in a minute way, one doughnut hurts my body in some way, and yet, unless I grow in temperance, one thing will lead to another, and sooner or later a cop is going to find me off the side of the road in my car in an original-glazed-doughnut-induced coma.

Whereas doughnuts are not a MORAL EVIL that can depict if we go to heaven or hell, Sin IS a moral evil and if we refuse to do something about it, then we won't be destined for heaven. So we do what we can, we continue to eat better and exercise and continue to rely on the Sacraments as we grow closer to Jesus Christ. And if we have a slip up, acknowledge your sin, come to the Sacrament of Confession (or just refrain from some other tempting sweet/drink for the rest of that day) and bask in the goodness of your relationship with God.

Till next time, friends.

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