Thursday, March 22, 2012

A very Good night

I had the most splendid evening tonight. A lovely dinner. A splendid conversation with a highly intellectual family. And now after it all, all I can say is, "Jesus, you ARE pretty flippin' awesome."

I mean to be able to allow this evening go the way it did was just phenomenal. I was able to really reflect on human nature, glorify the Lord because of his creations, relish the lofty ideas that found reality, savor the goodness of food, and then come back home to pray and see my Lord by my bedside.

I know that not everyone has it like this, and I'm sure that I'll experience my portion of difficulties too, but really, I just want to say, for all the little blessings today, "Jesus, you ARE pretty flippin' awesome! Thanks for giving me a little boost tonight!"

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