Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oh Yeah...Lord, you got this!

God is constantly working on something or someone even when we aren't aware of it. Though we may question the amount of work in front of us, we forget that God has already been working on an event or a person's heart. It almost seems like He does this so that when we are brought into the situation, he desires us to play a certain role, and not create something out of nothing.

I have been wondering how and where I can assist young people to draw closer to Christ (Especially through Adoration! ugh! That's my favorite!!). These last few months, I have been wondering what I can do for the youth nearby when a couple weeks ago a teen from the school next door asked me to help them start off Adoration in their chapel. I was blown away when she told me she had all the people lined up to cover for the time slots; she wanted to make sure someone would always be present to keep Jesus company; she had picked out spiritual books for her peers that may come in for prayer; and all she needed now was a priest. (well, she also needed Jesus in the Eucharist!! lol)   

God had already been working on her heart who knows for how long. I am sure that while I was asking, "When, Lord, when?" or "What do you want me to do? Where should I begin?" he was already working on someone else's heart so that he can say to me, "Calm down! I was working on something! Now go to work!"

Basic story: God has it under control. He will use us when the time is right.

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  1. PRAISE GOD! When I read this, I asked God what I could do to get more hours of Eurcharistic Adoration at our church and more people to come. We have Eurcharistic Adoration on Tuesdays from 5PM until 8PM. At 4:45PM yesterday when I was unlocking the doors, a woman came in an said she had talked to father and that she would come at 3PM and stay until 5PM. Now we just need more people to come. Please pray for us.
    Barbara Harting
    I pray


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