Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Game Plan: Part5: Final Thought

Okay...want some advice? Eliminate the “I can’t do this” mindset. Forget “I can’t.” Rather say, “I presently struggle with this.”
If you keep that mindset, then over the course of time, we will be able to develop a habit of spending time with the Lord.

You are going to have to dig down and see what you are made of…
this is about commitment. Not about whether or not you feel good about it. 
This new life of prayer can happen. Remember, many saints struggled in their prayer too. Some went long times without feeling anything, feeling dry, like they were talking to walls, or like they thought about so many other things (distractions) except God. Yet they were STILL COMMITTED! 

This is a commitment out of love. The reason why I put this GAME PLAN together is to help us grow in love. To commit to God in love. C'mon, you do everything else that is put in front of you. Commit to something worth living for, commit to loving God by doing something "through Him, and with Him, and in Him."

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