Monday, January 9, 2012

Game Plan: Part4: Pointers

Hey everybody! I'm back. I spent time with the fam-bam. you go. For those working on your prayer lives, here is the second to last post!

  1. During this time, let there be silence. 
    • Be with the Lord. Allow him to take control of the thoughts. 
    • Be in that silence…in his peace. It’s here that the Lord begins to draw out things in our lives that we need to think about. It’s here that he begins to work on our hearts with the grace he has been giving us…Let your thoughts wander with the Lord. 
      • Silence can be hard, but we need it...sure, you can play Christian music to start your time in prayer, but make sure you make time to be there in silence :)
  2. Best way, I have found, to be in that silence and the peace of God is to just...RELAX and BREATHE...
    • focus on God, on the reading, on the reflection and just RELAX and be in the stillness of the the presence of his quiet love....
  3. You can do formal prayers (e.g., Our Father, Hail Mary, Memorare, etc) in the midst of this.
    • It's up to you when you want to do these. In the beginning or at the end. It's your prayer, you decide what to do. 
  4. Ultimately, your goal is to spend time with God. You want to be able to talk to Him and give Him the opportunity to talk to you.

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