Friday, December 16, 2011

think about it

The flowers on Our Lady make up a 
spiritual bouquet given to me 
by my friends.
We need to exercise to have a healthier lifestyle. No, I’m not talking about that motivation to JUST get a ripped body, rather the recognition that we need to live better lives and take care of our bodies. We all go about it differently, but there are some basics:
#1 eat right AND #2 exercise.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen

We HAVE to take care of our souls too, though, especially during this Advent Season. There’s this flippin’ awesome late-archbishop named Fulton Sheen who wrote in one of his books, “The vast majority of men and women in the world today are so underdeveloped spiritually that if a like deficiency showed in their bodies, they would be physical monstrosities.” (Victory over Vice 75)


Imagine?! What would we look like if our bodies physically reflected what our souls looked like?! Would we all look GQ/Swagger or Chic/Posh? OR would we be grotesque and all "Night of the living dead"?

Makes you think, huh? 

I’m working on giving those interested a game plan on what to do for their prayer lives. Something to do not just for Advent, but for a regular routine. Oh, and by the way, yes, we are in Advent, NOT CHRISTMAS. Don’t believe the lies you are hearing on the radio or on TV!! Haha…seriously. Christmas is the day we celebrate when Christ was born…and last I checked, we haven’t gotten there yet. All those commercials about celebrating Santa Clause and the Holiday seasons...yeah...I'm not sure why we are celebrating now :/ ...that's kinda like everyone celebrating a new born baby when the mom is still walking around thinking, "uh...the baby ain't born yet."

So as we prepare for his coming, this Advent Season, as we prepare for Christmas, let’s work on our prayer lives, fast a little from the good stuff that we like (e.g., if you always go to that one coffee shop, try just having coffee from home or work! try not texting after 8pm!), and prepare for that awesome day when we celebrate when God “was made flesh, and dwelt among us.”


  1. Another point of view. Good.

  2. Another wonderful blog Padre...and this is why ur so awesome and blessed


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