Tuesday, December 6, 2011

P90X+ : Part2

okay. I started seeing how good it is to do P90X+ and so I decided to go ahead and order myself the program. I won't be bumming off of my priest friend anymore. No, sir. I'm going for the real deal. 

Why? Well, I want the full blown experience. I want to be in shape. I want to feel better about myself (health-wise). I have had more energy and I have been sleeping well since I started exercising. My eating habits are changing for the better. Why not go all out?

I started thinking about all this and thinking about whether or not we go all out with our prayer lives, you know? I mean we try all these different diets. We try the latest things to get fit by trying to work out a certain program for ourselves. Maybe we are training for a sport or some other activity...but have we ever really tried to go all out in our prayer lives? Do we desire to "go the distance"?

Yes, I just quoted Disney's Hercules. And here is a youtube video on it!
Seriously, have we ever decided to go the distance? To aim for holiness? To really want a holy life? It's hard, I know, but so is working out. You have to push when you don't feel like exercising. You want results? You commit, right? You can't just watch videos and tell yourself you'll eventually do something about it. NO! You commit. Same thing with your prayer life. You want results? You want to be close to God? You don't JUST go to Mass on Sundays and pray before meals! That isn't enough.

If we want the full blown experience in being Catholic, if we want to see results, if we want to feel better about our spiritual lives, we have to do more. MUCH more. If you want to do it, great! Keep in mind though that if you are just now starting off, you have to take it easy. Remember, like in exercising, you need to work on things slowly and yet you still have to push yourself and commit.


How much are you praying? A few minutes? Well...DOUBLE it! 

Talk to God, but make sure you allow for that silent time. Just as in conversations you talk AND listen, God wants to talk with you. He is happy that you have so much to say, but give him a chance to spend time with you. Let him take control of the topic of conversation!

Also, go to Confession and rid yourself of those fatty/evil sins in your life!

Seeing as I can say a lot, I'll stop here and add more later. These are some good basic starters. Think about it, alright? I'll give you a game plan later. :p

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  1. Hi Fr Chris! I found your blog. It was so nice meeting you yesterday and I hope you had a good safe trip back "home"!


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