Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Game Plan: Part2: Getting Started

How Much?
Alright, like the other page said, double your prayer life somehow. Don’t know where to start? Fine. Let’s start with 10 to 15 minutes. Think you can do more? Okay, 20-30 minutes. Don’t be afraid to just pick something doable and yet something that pushes you to go outside the norm. When exercising, we can’t get physical results unless we decide to push ourselves towards a goal! 

It'll be up to you how you want to manage your time with God. What I put below is just a suggestion.

You have SEVEN days to pray…so choose a few days to PUT SOME TIME ASIDE! You know your schedule better than I do. If you really want results in your prayer-life, you need to give yourself some realistic benchmarks to put some time aside for you and God. So how many days? 2? 3? 5?

You can pray everyday, but I don’t want you to come down on yourself if you can’t do it all seven days. Let the fruit of your prayer bring about the desire to put more time in.

So have you picked a few days? Have you? No? Well, what are you waiting for?

Choose where to pray. Can’t go to Church? Can’t go to Adoration? That’s fine. Lot’s of people can’t just go to the gym either so they workout at home. You can be just as creative as they are. Some people pray in their cars on their drive to work and some pray at home. If at home, pick a spot. Pick a space that you can claim for you and God. Be creative if you need to. The steps? Outside? In your room? It’s all up to you. I remember hearing a stay-at-home mom say that her prayer time is in the shower because
that's when she has some time to herself away from everyone else. So be creative if you need to be.

I, personally, tell those beginning to pray, NOT to pray in bed. Why? Because one minute you are praying, the next, you are sound asleep!!

Alright, that is it for now! Next post is an example for a structured prayer time.

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