Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bad IdEa...

So I have been working on P90X+ these five days or so, and I have to say, "I really like it." I've also been watching what I eat and making sure I eat a whole lot better...until...tonight....

I went out to Five Guys. Great burgers and fries...except...I had not eaten something that heavy or greasy for quite some time...ugh...i can FEEL the heaviness trying to push through my my body is yelling out, "What did you DOOOOOOOOO???"

My bad! I didn't think it would be that big of a deal....Looks like I got an intense evening/night in front of me! I hope my body can take care of it all alright before I go to sleep. Last thing I need is any kind of heartburn or what not preventing me from sleeping :/

I wonder if there is a patron saint of good digestion...hmmm....

Memo to self: make sure you watch what you eat!

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  1. question is, though, did you finish your homily.
    hope it all works out...I had an evening like yours on Monday with Steak n Shake. Never again!


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