Saturday, November 12, 2011

to be happy

Ya know what, God? Life is a very interesting place. Everyone on earth is on a constant pursuit of happiness, really. That's all we want: to be happy.

Wherever you are, reader, look around you...look at the people there in the coffee shop. If you are at home, look at your family situation. With friends or at school, just stop and look really, look away from the screen and look around you...

go ahead....I'm waiting.....did you do it? okay, good. :)

Everyone in some way wants to be happy...look how she smiles at the comment said; how those two guys are engaged in something intense and smirk at little deep thoughts that are spoken about; how they are laughing over there; how that lady outside is smiling while she walks her dog; look how they are enjoying the company of others; look how that group is enjoying their food...

Be it through friends, work, conversations, food, or exercise, they all want some kind of happiness; they experience it in different ways.

And though we can look at all the negative things in life, notice that at the heart of every human person, in the most secret crevices of every soul, every person just wants to be happy. And what can satisfy every desire of every heart? Well, the very One that created them all. He who is the source of all goodness, who is GOODNESS itself, is the one thing that all hearts want to return to on some level.

Yeah, life is interesting. It's filled with people who all want to be happy. Until they are, our hearts will remain restless until they rest in He who is the source of all that is good.

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