Monday, November 28, 2011


so whether or not you know it, we priests have to get our exercise in too, ya know? Sure, you see many of us with bellies protruding out of our clerics, cassocks, and vestments, but THAT AIN'T THE NORM!

Dude, we need to try to do what we can to burn off all the food. Ya know, the food we eat when we go over people's homes...and sadly, we can be on the run so fast food seems to be the only thing we can grab in a short time...

STILL! We need to take care of ourselves!! We GOTS to push ourselves and not get into a slump!! So some of us go running or play soccer; I have a priest friend who knows a little karate/judo; some like boxing, swimming, gymnastics, gym workouts...yeah...we are all over the place.

Me? I like swimming. It's hard to get over there on a regular basis...soooo.....I'm hoping to supplement my exercise with
P90X+ !!!!!

No, I'm not looking for hard abs or anything!! hahaha....what would be the point?! It's not like I'm going to be dating anyone! I swiped another priest friend's P90X+. Why? Well, mainly because he wasn't using it (it was still in the wrapping!) AND, he has the original P90X. So I managed to convince him to let me borrow I can have a good workout...I hope it lasts!

I did it yesterday. No weights. No bands. No special, little, push-up thingies. Just my own self and my own pace. I found myself sweating mad crazy after 10 minutes and I still had another 30min to go!!

Today...I'm sore...fortunately for me, I knew when to stop, when to drink water, and how to eat afterwards to replenish myself. YES! Score one for the priest! 

We have to take care of the soul, but the body was also created by God! So do your best! The human person is union of a body AND soul. Take care of both aspects!

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  1. Day two of P90X+

    Mama, mia! that was intense. I'm trying to go easy on it, seeing as i haven't moved like this before and seeing as this version of P90X is suppose to be the advanced mode...oi


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