Friday, November 18, 2011


Did you know that we are still meant to fast on Fridays? 
It is true. Here in the United States we phased out of fasting on Fridays in the 1960's and 1970's...but we weren't suppose to. With all those movements going on at the time, people, and maybe even some of the Church leadership, felt it was time to do away with the "Traditional Stuff." And with a couple of generations of grandparents/parents no longer fasting, we find ourselves today with people who may no longer fast.

Regardless of the times, we are still meant to fast! But hey, if we are going to eat meat on Fridays, okay, cool. Let's give something else up.
hahaha...yes, I'm serious. Go ahead. It's not just a Lent thing. It's a Friday thing. It's a "let me think about giving something up to get closer to God" kind of thing.

"Every Friday is set aside by the Church as a special day of penance, for it is the day of the death of our Lord."~UK Bishops: Catholic Witness - Friday Penance

Oh snap! So then, what are you waiting for? Practice your Catholic faith...give something up...don't eat meat...or...put your phone down and don't pick it up for a couple of hours while you are at home....or...don't drink that coffee that you really REALLY like....

It's time we Catholics lived out our faith here and now...What are YOU going to do about it?

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