Saturday, October 22, 2011

Social Etiquette

now, do I do this too? yeah, I do. Yet, I catch myself doing it and I try to put the phone down. My friends do it too, but we try to call each other on by saying, "What?! Are we not good enough for you?" hahaha


  1. My wife use to always get on her phone as we would sit down for dinner, and the first few months of our marrage I let it go. Finally I had to tell her that enough was enough. So, we now have a rule that when we are having time with one another we don't do anything on our phones. I'm happy to see someone else address this problem because it is one of my number one pet peeves.

  2. Super Sacerdote!!! Another video blog pllleeeaaseeee! Never give up keep thinking and praying about it.


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