Wednesday, October 12, 2011

rElaXing aT MY F@vR8 place :P

I really enjoy going out to the coffee shop on Bull Street. It gives me a chance to enjoy the atmosphere and "people-watch." Sure most of the time I'm the one probably being watched because I have a colar on, but still, once they get over the fact, they get back into their conversations and enjoy their moments with those they are with.
I hate being in the office. I really do...and yet I know that it needs to be done. When I get the opportunity, I come here to get work done. Be it a homily, talking to people about sacramental preparation, or just chatting with friends and acquaintances, this place gives me a chance to just sit, enjoy my drink, and be productive.

Perhaps it's the environment. Perhaps it's my favorite chai tea is made here. Perhaps it's the fact that I am around other people who also like art. I don't know, but it really seems to engage various aspects of my being and character. Maybe God just wanted one of his priests to be present in places like these, and so created me, and called me to follow Him as a priest to be present here and now. Huh...never thought about that...huh...that's an interesting thought.
The music can be very random too. It just depends on who is behind the counter. Things can go from blues, to country, to 80's music, to rock and roll, to reggae...oi....the variety of it's fun. Maybe I should just claim one of these tables and make it my permanent office.....Hmmm.....I wonder....

"Father, where is your office?"
"Oh, at the coffee shop on Bull and Perry."
"Ok---wait, what!?!"

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