Friday, October 28, 2011

Quick Hello

ALRIGHT...I was totally surprised the other day after I posted the Social Etiquette blog. Why do you ask? Porque? Perché? Dlaczego? Warum? Bakit?

Because I found out that not only were Americans looking at that post, but people from the United Kingdom, and Australia. There were a couple views from Colombia and Mexico. Italy, Poland, Germany, and Austria. And finally, the Philippines.

I have no idea who you are, but let me extend a quick little hello.
How'dy from the South!
Oi! G'day mate!
Aunque no te conzco, te mando saludos de los estados unidos.
Siema! Jak się masz?
Hallo! Guten morgen/tag/abend! :p
Kumusta ka na? Mabuti?

May God bless you all...whoever you may be...and if you ever have prayer intentions, feel free to ask.

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