Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A New Bishop

 It was a really great experience to be there for the Ordination of Bishop Gregory John Hartmayer. It's was the first ordination of a bishop that I had ever gone to. It was his first ordination too. Haha. He made that announcement at the end of the ceremony. Everyone laughed. 

I didn't have the best seat in the house. "But Father, you were sitting RIGHT UP THERE!" Okay sure, but when there are all these priests and bishops and a huge altar in the way, there are some things that are lost. And I know some of my brothers were sitting behind walls or a huge ambo. Haha...I feel you brothers.

But what was pretty cool, was seeing Fr. Gregory go over to Archbishop Gregory from Atlanta who was sitting on the cathedra and then receive the laying on of hands. The laying on of hands is when it all happens. The principal consecrator, or the main bishop who ordains the new bishop, puts his hands on Fr. Gregory's head and BAM! It happens! The man that went down as Fr. Gregory stands up as Bishop Gregory...woa... To have him brought into the authority of the Apostles as found within the College of Bishops in union with the Pope...I mean...woa....

After the ceremony, we all made our way to the reception outside. Let me tell you what, that...was...


Okay wait, let me qualify that: the skewers with meat on them were INCREDIBLE!!! ugh!!! Sooo delicious! I would have asked for more, but then I would have seem like a pig and like I was only there for the food...

Great day to be able to see alot of old friends, alot of priest friends that I had not a blessed day we had...sure it rained, but I like rain, so it didn't bother me much :)

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