Friday, October 21, 2011

Everyone's right... ", they're not."

You know, we are surrounded by so many things that stimulate our senses that we forget what it means to believe, to have faith, to think things through. Yes, faith and reason go together. (Read THIS if you want some food for thought. THIS for more food.)  We can just get totally bombarded with emotional stuff that eventually emotions become the standard for making decisions.

We are human and so yes, emotions are part of who we are. But when we base ourselves on our emotions, then we become flippant or relativistic. Our view of life becomes relativistic. When we base things on our emotions and not on the reality of the situation, then what we begin to discover is that everyone has their own belief system and they pick and choose what they see or don't see.
What do you see? "I see faces" "I see a vase" We begin to say, "Look, there is no real answer. It just depends on how you look at things."

Okay. So...let's say that I enjoy taking the lives of people. I really think this is a good thing. So I keep doing it. I am right. "No, you are a psychopath and need to stop." Hold the phone! I feel good doing this. I must be right in doing this. "No, you are screwed up in the head and you need to stop hurting others." Who are you to say that what I am doing is right or wrong? And why are you imposing your rule of life on me?! I'm happy doing what I am doing. 

We have a problem here...don't we...? It is obvious that we can know a greater truth about reality or about being human (as noted by having a deeps sense of what assist us in promoting the common good of human people)...and yet, if we begin to focus on our emotions as the standard to what we believe in, then relativism creeps in, and then anyone can say or do whatever they want because they feel it to be right...and then there is no longer one TRUTH that all people can live by.
So how do we remedy this? Part of the solution concerns looking at the human experience with human reflection. And just thinking about what you ate for dinner is not the deep methodical intense reflection exercise that I am talking about. Another Part is looking at the human person in light of Christian Revelation. If God became a real HUMAN PERSON...then there is something in the person of Jesus Christ that reveals to us what it means to be human (with all our emotions, reasoning powers, and faith practices), what it means to be in this life, and what this life/reality is really all about.
If we can begin to do this, then we begin to see what TRUTH HIMSELF has been trying to show us all along. That there is a Truth by which all things are governed by. Yes it is a firm and stable truth. And doesn't have different perspectives. Just its own self. No relativism to it. 

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