Monday, October 3, 2011

End of the Line. Doomed to die. Fools for Christ.

Ha! Imagine this line was the Catholic Church's motto: "End of the Line. Doomed to die. Fools for Christ." We probably wouldn't get too many recruits! hahaha....and yet, that is our calling as Christians. And really, this motto has been the internal motto, the internal conviction of persecuted Catholic-Christians. It has convicted the hearts of men and women to see and understand that there is something worth living and dying for. 

The Apostles lead the way by serving the Christian Church. They lead by serving them, they served by leading them. The Apostles revealed the mysteries of God...the very mysteries that were handed on to them by their encounter with Christ. They lead the way, and passed down in oral and written Tradition what they received...They helped form the Church that Christ established. They assisted those early Christians, and they assist us now by showing how one must ought to eventually live. How? Through the Magisterium of the Catholic Church (uh...the teaching authority of the Catholic Church that is grounded in the authority of the Apostles). 

Blessed Fr. Miguel Pro was killed by the anti-clerical Mexican government.
He died crying out, "Viva Cristo Rey!"
("Long Live Christ the King!")
So how do we live our lives? Really, the answer to that is to first understand who we are. St. Paul tells the Christian community that they are rich and that they are already considered Kings (1Cor4:8) ...Queens....ROYALTY.... uh...but how? Through the new life in Christ! Because of the new participation they have in his Divine Kingship. As Christians, they -- and us-- have become servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God...woa....who wouldn't be different with that reality? Who wouldn't live differently in light of that reality? 

‎"As I see it, God has put us apostles at the end of the line, like men doomed to die in the arean. We have become a spectacle to the universe, to angles and men alike. We are fools on Christ's account..." ~~ 1 Corinthians 4:9-10

See, I know right now St. Paul is talking about himself and the other Apostles in this passage....still, talk about an intense line from St. Paul. Who would want to be an apostle, or a Christian for that matter, after hearing that from St. Paul? And hey, look at Fr. Miguel Pro above. He was killed for being a priest and teaching the people the Catholic faith in the 1920's when Mexico was trying to do away with it. 

And yet, what is really cool is that these Christians understood the new life one received in Christ. Even today, we have received a new identity in Christ through baptism. We are sons and daughters of the King of Kings...our dignity has been elevated beyond what society can ever imagine....we have become stewards of the mysteries of God... Nothing else matters in light of that awe-filled reality. The Apostles gave us their teachings (really the teachings of Christ) and passed on to us Tradition. We have had it all for 2,000 years and nothing, I mean, NOTHING can ever take that away...nothing can make us think otherwise or understand our reality/dignity to be anything else...nothing. 

We will continue to live for Christ. We will go to the end of the line because it is not about us but about serving and loving others as Christ did. We will struggle and be sentenced to die, but with the new life and the hope we have in Christ, with the defeat of sin and death, what can scare us? We will become fools for Christ as the early Apostles by living out our faith. Considered "fools" only to those who know not about the new dignity offered to them in Jesus Christ. And because of this new dignity, we can undergo anything and everything. We are sons and daughters, men and women, of the One True God.

The motto that will beat within the recesses of our hearts is the motto that had once beat within the those Early Christian Martyrs facing their death square in the eyes. It is the motto of the Church, the motto of the Martyrs, the motto of the Apostles. It pounded through the veins of all those men, women, and children who lived for Christ. When the time comes, it will pound in our hearts with the same zeal.  

With every last heart beat, the blood within our veins will rush and will sing the heroic song of those who have gone before us:  End of the line. Doomed to die. Fools for Christ.

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  1. Well written!
    BTW, one of the Carmelites will be ordained on 10/22 in San Jose; he has a special affinity for Fr. Miquel Pro - has his picture on the Ordination invites, in fact.
    Linda (Parrott) Cudahy


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