Sunday, September 18, 2011

"My Kind"

I'm tired....ugh....just feel like dying right not really, but you know what I mean? Long days can leave you so exhausted when all is said and done...

So here I am...waiting to go out with my brother priest for dinner. It'll be nice to just hang out for a little and lay low with another of "my kind." Ha ha ha! It's so true though. It's great for priests to have very close friends who are not priests; it's so important to have those friends in our lives that we can share our lives with, those families that we can connect with and not feel like we are "on." And yet, priests do need other priests as friends too.

Basketball players hang around with other basketball players. Why? Because they relate the best with each other. They have a common interest and their friendships develop from there.

Priests have the priesthood in common. It's what sets them apart from other people. They have been changed ontologically...uh...metaphysically...uh...another way of saying this is that there has been a real actual change spiritually that has a real effect on their complete, not just a warm fuzzy feeling, but a real change to their whole being on a very deep spiritual level....So yeah...we are different....and we need to hang out with those who are just like us...who understand how to relate with us...

It'll be good to just decompress over some food....Yes Jesus, I am very tired...and my eyes are killing me....still, thank you for making me your priest....thank you for giving me an opportunity to hang out with another of "my kind." lol...yes...thank you, Jesus

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