Saturday, September 10, 2011

Long time inquiring, first time blogging

Hello World,

Alright, this is my first blog. Why am i doing this? well, in all honestly, I just wanted to give people the opportunity to see what a priest thinks about. Sure we all have experiences of what life is about, but what does a priest think about? I know if i were a teen, I'd be like, "What do they do all day? Just sit in church?" Ha! Whatever!! There is so much to a priests life and he has to go through so much just in one day....but do you really know what he is thinking about? What is he going through? Here is your opportunity to know what goes on in the brain of this priest.

First off, I'm from the Los Angeles area...and now...I'm in Georgia...and I'm loving it! A West Coast Kid in the Bible Belt....I LOVE IT! I never felt more at home.... I am....more to come in the future... Peace

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