Monday, September 26, 2011

The Little Things in Life

I have been given fun shirts from my brother and sister. One of them is my Marvin the Martian shirt. I can't help but feel like a big kid every time I put it on underneath my clerics. "If only people knew," I think to myself, "that right now, as I sit in my clerics, I actually have a Marvin the Martian shirt underneath..."

I find myself secretly desiring a hostile takeover of the whole world with my fellow martians every time I put on this shirt. Ha! I would totally do it if I could have a hat just like Marvin!

All Copyrights belong to Warner Bros. *this ain't mine*'s the little things in life that amuse me....

I have no idea if anyone reads my blogs, still, I will ask: What are some things that amuse you?


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